Rent Your CIO® provides Chief Information Officer (CIO) information technology leadership services to small and medium-sized companies. We offer part-time, fractional and interim services for strategic IT planning, day-to-day management of your information technology, IT Project Management, and software application development.

Whether for a short term project, a critical time in your company’s growth or you need on-going part-time expertise to run your company’s IT operations to meet your business objectives, Rent Your CIO® can help with 30+ years of business and technology experience.

Technology Leadership

With 30+ years experience in business and IT leadership, we are an excellent resource to help you as your company grows and faces new challenges. You have our experience available on demand 24×7.

Solutions Offerings

1. How is your IT team/provider doing? Do they have your covered across the board?
a. Comprehensive Technology Health Check service.
i. Provides you with an external expert’s comprehensive assessment and checkup of your IT environment, from infrastructure to security to SDLC to IT policies, etc. It is highly recommended businesses do this periodically, at least annually, since every IT environment is constantly changing.
2. Are you leverage Cloud technologies and services optimally?
a. Cloud Readiness assessment and Cloud enablement planning
b. Workload Business Impact Analyses – which systems, applications or/and workloads should go to the Cloud, stay on premise, or have a hybrid approach? And what are the risks and ramifications of doing that?
3. How are you initiating and implementing IT initiatives, and the associated changes they entail/bring, in your organization? Are you implementing every IT initiative across the organization effectively?
a. Change Management and Change enablement services.
b. Implement a change management process to ensure every IT initiative gets implemented to extract the most value out of it.
4. Do you have a well defined IT strategy and roadmap and how it supports your business today? And in the future?
a. We speak both business and technology. This enables us to craft your IT strategy and annual IT planning –in concert with your business leaders.
5. Are you ready for disasters and or disruptions to your IT operations?
a. Business Continuity Planning services. This may also include succession planning and/or Disaster Recovery planning.
6. Are you using the right software tools for your business? Which ones to keep, eliminate, consolidate and upgrade?
a. Software Selection and Rationalization services.
7. Is IT supporting, streamlining and automating your business activities and processes?
a. Business Process Documentation, planning, analysis and automation
b. IT processes, standards and standard operation procedures.
8. Do you have an IT chief who manages your operations effectively and communicates with business about it?
a. We can provide a high effectively layer of IT operations management that ensures efficient operations of your IT systems, and also clearly communicates the needs/limitations thereof to the business.
b. Standard IT operations processes and procedures
c. Documentation – eliminate the hit-by-a-beer-truck risk.
9. How secure is your IT environment? Are there areas of risk for access and/or data breaches?
a. Security assessment
b. Written, documented, communicated and updated security policies and guidelines