Benefit from the expertise of an executive-level CIO

But pay for a fraction of one

When a company’s demand for information technology leadership outstrips its capacity, business competitiveness stagnates, key projects miss deadlines, and innovation stalls.

Without strategic technology leadership, new growth opportunities are missed, employees don’t have the tools to be efficient and your business may be exposed to security threats, data loss, business downtime,  and legal and regulatory compliance risks. Even a small downtime or a reduction in your ability to innovate can outstrip an investment in technology leadership.

Rent Your CIO® is a fractional and interim Chief Information Office (CIO) service, delivering key short- and medium-term strategic leadership for your business. A fractional CIO will provide leadership exactly when and where you need it, whether that’s across your entire IT function or parachuted into specific projects.

Rent Your CIO® is a highly cost-effective solution, enabling your business to benefit from executive-level insights but at a fraction of the cost. A fractional CIO is ideal for:

  • Providing leadership for that special technology project.

  • Covering when a key staff member becomes ill.

  • Filling a role when a staff member leaves unexpectedly.

  • Delivering ‘out-of-the-box’ leadership for when a business can’t wait on the hiring process.

  • Enabling executive-level leadership at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CIO.

A Fractional CIO Enables You to Choose the Solutions Your Business Needs

About Rent Your CIO®

Rent Your CIO® provides professional IT services to small and medium-sized companies. We offer part-time and interim CIO services, including Information Technology Leadership,  Strategic IT planning, Change Management Services, and Business Process Documentation.

Our seasoned IT veterans bring over 25 years of business and technology success with them. We use this experience to deliver value for our clients, whether that’s providing key leadership for a short-term project, delivering on-going part-time expertise, or consulting during critical growth periods.

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